Million-bestselling author Bella Forrest’s first contemporary romance novel…

They say that love conquers all.
Can it? Does it?

Katerina and David were the unlikeliest of people to ever fall in love.
She was royalty, he was unknown.
She was wealthy, he was a scholarship student.

But the one place where you can find the elite rubbing shoulders with the main street is the hallowed halls of Harvard where Katerina and David met and fell in love. However, the powers that be were determined that they be kept apart at all costs and David destroyed.&nbsp

And destroyed he was.

He was a broken man and Katerina had been convinced that he was not the man she thought she fell in love with.
There was no way back now for them, so how could love overcome insurmountable obstacles, and against all odds rise again? The realities of life should prevail — after all, it’s only in fairy tales that “love conquers all.” Or is it?

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