I can’t take another year of babysitting nieces and nephews while everyone else celebrates the holidays together when I want my own family so badly. Watching my bad boy baby brother propose to his girlfriend at our family Christmas dinner is the final straw. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but this is the last holiday season I do alone. My first resolution for the new year? Find a husband

Spending holidays with my family and seeing everyone else married and having kids is killing me. It’s not fair, I’ve been looking for something real of my own too. I want a family, a good woman to give my mom and dad some more grandkids to spoil. Someone I can share my life with and grow old with and spoil grandkids of our own with someday.I’m making my first new year resolution right now– I’m getting married.When Blake and Courtney both find themselves suffering through another year of family holidays alone while they watch their married relatives living happily ever after around them, they each resolve to be married by the end of the new year.Once their search for the right person leads them to modern match-maker, Raven Swann, it’s only a matter of time till they meet each other but will they manage to fulfill their new year’s resolutions before the calendar runs out?

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