Broken Hero by Aubrey Wright


Brutal protector. War Hero. Damaged goods.
Powerful men have a certain air about them.
Garrett Shaw just sucks the air right out the damn building.
The word bodyguard doesn’t do him justice.
Handsome beast in a sharp tailored suit is more like it.
He has that look that says, “I can kill with a paperclip if I need to.”
One handshake and I could tell this man was savage.
My instincts screamed to stay away.
What is it about dangerous cocky men?
He should have come with a warning label.
“Prick in a glass jar. Break in case of an emergency!”
Well, I was in extreme danger, so I hired him.
The job should have been simple.
We weren’t supposed to get involved.
And I wasn’t supposed to get pregnant.
And the twist that comes next is so menacing, I couldn’t comprehend.

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