After being threatened by a man who claims her late father owed him money, twenty-six-year-old Hannah Carson reluctantly agrees to gather information for him. But Hannah’s situation goes from bad to worse when she is caught in the act of spying on a wealthy couple, and almost before she knows it she has been stripped bare for a humiliating search by the family’s head of security.
Cameron Fraser takes the safety of his clients very seriously, and when he spots a young woman acting suspiciously around them he makes it his business to find out who sent her. Hannah will tell him everything he wants to know, one way or the other, and he wastes no time in whisking her away by private jet to a remote castle where he can interrogate and punish her as he sees fit.
Though Hannah is shocked by Cameron’s readiness to shackle her in what was once a dungeon, his bold dominance leaves her deeply aroused, and a painful, embarrassing chastisement with a leather tawse merely increases her need for him to ravage her roughly and completely. But once Cameron has used and enjoyed his beautiful captive as thoroughly as he pleases, will he send Hannah on her way to face her troubles alone or has he decided that she is his to claim and keep?

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