Recently I felt my dad die. It shocked me because I’ve always thought he was invincible. He’s my hero. Not in the sense that I worship him, but I respect his intellect and physical abilities. He’s capable of doing amazing things and I hope he’s around for a very long time. Even when I lead a pack, I count on his wisdom to guide me, there’s no other Alpha I’d bow to. Well, other than my mom. She’s a quiet storm. Full of wisdom, she doesn’t fly off the handle but packs a serious punch when she feels it’s needed. We’ve all learned to move out of her way when she’s on a mission to correct or interject something.

Renee’s having a wedding soon. It’s a bittersweet event for me, the lone unmated pup in my parent’s den. My faith is strong that the matter will be corrected soon, and I’ll have my love with me for the grand event. Goddess… are you listening?

-David Knight

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