He’s waited years for an alpha, then two come along at once.

Lonely omega Noah’s only escape from his boring life means finding a mate. Too bad he’s stuck looking after a boarding house that no one ever stays in. Nothing will change unless an alpha walks into his life. And even then, Noah is broken, scarred since childhood. What alpha would want an omega who can’t bond, who can’t give them a child?

Then, on one otherwise ordinary day, an alpha turns up on his doorstep, interrupting his humdrum life. Preston is everything Noah could have imagined in an alpha; breathtakingly handsome, charming, compatible. And willing to look past Noah’s scars to the omega beneath. Noah’s starting to believe his luck has finally turned around.

Enter Ronan, the dark, dangerous alpha on Preston’s trail, and Noah’s world is turned upside down for the second time in two days. Is Ronan the bad guy he appears to be? Or is Preston too good to be true?

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