He’s everything she doesn’t want. But he might be exactly what she needs.
Evie Hart has no time for romance. She’s poised to take over her father’s billion-dollar business, and a new development in a small northwest town could be just the ticket to get her dad to hand over the reins. When local protests put a hitch in her plans, Evie heads to Holiday Junction to take down the lawyer standing in her way. . . and the infuriating jerk causes her nothing but trouble.

Liam Durant only wants to protect his hometown, and his broken heart. Dumped by his childhood sweetheart, he swears off women altogether, and uses work to fill the void. Hired to fight the builder of a planned luxury development, Liam immediately butts heads with the company’s pushy vice president. She’s a pain the neck, so why can’t he get her out of his mind?

They’re on opposite sides of the fight, but the more time Liam and Evie spend together, the harder it gets to deny a growing attraction. When they finally put aside their battle of wills, can they drop the walls around their hearts and take a chance on love?

Welcome to Holiday Junction, the town that takes it holidays seriously, and the perfect place to fall in love… any day of the year.

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