Rule number one: never leave yourself exposed.
But Erica broke the rule, and now she needs my help if she wants to stay alive.
I’ll do the right thing – eventually.
But until then, I’m gonna take her for myself.
I want a second chance to avenge the men I lost.
A rival motorcycle club stole the lives of my brothers.
Time for some good old-fashioned biker payback.

But then Erica got involved.
She was somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be.
And she heard secrets she was never meant to hear.
Bikers don’t have time for mercy.
And if my enemies find out she was eavesdropping on them, they’ll tear her apart.
She has no choice but to trust me to keep her safe.

And what could be safer than a biker’s bed?
There’s no romance in this story.
This is hardly a woman’s fantasy.
It’s dark in here.
But if she follows my rules, then maybe – just maybe – she’ll get out of this chaos in one piece.

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