Billionaire Playboy. Fake Fiancée. It should have been easy.
Logan: Owning a real estate empire has many perks, not the least of which is the easy access to a bevy of beautiful women.
However, the fact that I’m outside of my parent’s reach is priceless.
My father and I have never gotten along, and I know I’ve always been a let-down to him.
He’s been trying to use my inheritance to control me, to make a perfect little clone. But it’s not like I needed his money in the first place, so I thought we would remain at an impasse.And then I sent that drunken message…

And now I need a Fiancée. So in comes Jess.
She and I pretend to be engaged.
It’s for her dreams; it’s for my reputation.
That’s what I keep telling myself.
But I’ve already broken my only rule- I was never supposed to fall in love.
But now something’s different.

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