Jordan King is known as the most eligible bachelor in the Motor City, especially now that he’s been named the captain of the legendary Detroit Pirates. But Jordan realizes the title carries with it a new-found sense of responsibility. He needs to be a leader if he wants the team to win it all this season, which means leaving behind his reputation as a partying ladies’ man.

Charlotte Stone is a best-selling author and Manhattan socialite who is sick of the city. She’s determined to live somewhere different that doesn’t include being a guest star on her mother’s reality show. But places like London or Los Angeles would just be more of the same. Then she hears about a building renovation project in Detroit and decides a move to somewhere completely unexpected is exactly what she needs.

What Charlotte doesn’t need is another hockey player in her life. Two years ago, she dated the biggest pest in the league who ended up breaking her heart. So why is she trying to find excuses to see the all-star captain of the Pirates?

And how did she become the only woman who could derail Jordan’s plan to win it all?

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