Her father is my mortal enemy.
Her mother tried to kill me.
She’s carrying my baby.
Get ready for a hell of an engagement party…

It’s been years since I’ve seen Ana.
We ran away to get married.
But our families have feuded since before we could remember.
They stopped me from making her mine.
Separated us and told me if I cared for her that I’d stay away.
I always regret not making her my bride.
But for her safety I stayed away.

Now she’s in danger.
And I’m the only one who can save her.

I have to resurface. Steal her away.
Finish what I started all those years ago.
But we both have stronger enemies now.
Ones determined to keep us apart.
They’re waiting for us.
They’ll try their best to stop us.

But against our love?
Their best is just not good enough.

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