Gigi (The Black Sentinels MC #2) by Victoria Johns


When a troubled girl meets a self-assured prospect, the end result can only be love, drama, and heartbreak for all.
The vow should have been unbreakable.
Gigi Livingston is a broken girl, praying she lives long enough to graduate so she can run away and escape the brutality of her brother and his demons.
A chance encounter with a biker should send her running for safety, but it doesn’t.
His touch doesn’t bruise her or make her bleed. His touch makes life seem worth living.
Gears, a prospect with the Black Sentinels MC, is determined to save Gigi, to protect and love her. She evokes feelings in him that prove too deep and powerful to ignore–feelings no prospect should have when his focus should be on earning his full patch.
As the connection between Gigi and Gears grows, she begins to feel hopeful for her future, until her brother’s past comes back and turns her world upside down. The only way to keep her promise is to hurt the man she loves the most and pray he’ll forgive her when the time comes.
Gigi is the story of a girl who finds hope and love, only to risk losing it all for the one person who doesn’t deserve the sacrifice she has to make.

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