He’s in love with her. She’s falling for him. But they’d never work.
Gabriel Heathcliff is in the worst place possible for a man in love…the friend zone. From the moment he met Lei he knew she was the one for him. But the timing was never right and now Gabe has been delegated to a secondary role in Lei’s life forever–unless he does something about it.
Leilani Keli’iwai is happy in her life. She’s got a great family, good boyfriend, and wonderful friends. She couldn’t ask for more. But when her sister is thrown a curve ball, Lei needs to step up to the plate and she can’t do it alone. Lei’s boyfriend proves he isn’t ready for the challenge and Lei feels lost…until her best friend Gabe comes to her rescue.
Lei quickly realizes Gabe has exactly what she’s looking for in a man, but Lei doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to relationships. What if she dates Gabe and then breaks his heart? She’d never forgive herself.
She decides the only answer is to pretend that what she’s feeling for her friend isn’t real. That he doesn’t make her heart race with just a simple touch and that he isn’t the only one that can make her smile when it feels like her world is unraveling. But as resolved as Lei is, one question still haunts her. What if she and Gabe could make it work?

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