He was the love of my life. My high school sweetheart. My happily ever after until he threw it all away and tore my heart from my chest.

Ivan decided what was best for me, for us when he walked away from our love. As if that wasn’t enough, he joined the army and left, taking all the answers with him. Leaving me alone and devastated.After five years someone new, someone terrifying comes along. He said I was his, that I was to be his wife. The only person I can trust, the only one who can save me almost destroyed me when he signed up for war to escape us.

She knew what I was what I did, and she loved me anyway. I would do anything, kill anyone just to love her but to keep her safe I had to walk away, and it damn near killed me.I joined the army and then sniper training anything to put as many miles between me and my past as I could. But the past has a funny way of latching on and refusing to let go. After four tours in that desert hell hole I was coming home. Home to the family and home to her. Someone thought they could have her take her from me that wasn’t happening, I didn’t care who or what family he was from Layla was mine.

How far will he go to win her heart? How many will die to keep her safe?

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