I’ll get blood on my hands to keep her safe from THEM.
I knew when I got into this fighting game that it was a dirty, ugly business.
An innocent girl like her should’ve never come close to it…

Or to me.
But she DID get close. Way too f**king close.
And I did what I never should’ve done:
Pinned her against the cage and made her mine.
I always thought I was too broken by my lifetime of sins to feel anything again.
But Lizzie is stirring up things inside me.
Things I thought were dead for good.

Now, every moment of our time together is a ticking time bomb.
Because loving a man like me is a dangerous business.
But it’s a path we can’t turn back from.
So when the bastards who want to destroy me try to take my woman, the time comes to teach them something the hard way:
Never, ever touch what’s mine.

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