She’s every fantasy I’ve ever had, and she was mine. For one night.
And then she left to LA to become a rockstar. My Clark Kent appeal wasn’t enough to keep her around, but she missed out.
After graduating law school and becoming the alpha male jack-ass type that she always loved, I returned the favor.
One more night of passion, but it was my turn to break her heart.
Every whisper against my skin, every moan from her lips haunted me for years and years. What the hell had I done?
Was it so fucking important to be right? To repay heartbreak with heartbreak?
All these years later and her band is in bankruptcy, and I’m on the wrong side of the courtroom.
Winning is everything to me, but I already played the game and lost against her.
I can’t do it again, especially not when I find out she’s a single mom with a pretty little girl.
A little girl that looks – Just. Like. Me.
No way she’s been keeping our baby a secret from me all these years. If so, the final joke has always been on me.
She was, is, and will always be – My One and Only.

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