He’s a (mostly) reformed bad boy.
She’s a (mostly) professional woman.
Their history together has made having a relationship…problematic.
But if they take a chance, can they find a solution – and love?
Danny Boy
I’ve somehow done the impossible: I got the girl I wanted.
Only, I have no idea how to make a lovely person like Amelia Patterson, my former therapist, happy.
She’s a respectable woman.
I’m a recovering . . . everything. Just barely getting a life together.
Though she may claim I have something to offer, it’s only a matter of time before she recoils from the reality of what I am.
At least, that’s what the old me – Danny Boy – keeps thinking.
The new me – Daniel – has to figure out how to make this work, even when it turns out Amelia and I want totally different things.
I’ve thrown all caution to the wind and decided the fact that I was once Daniel’s therapist is not a big enough deterrent to keep from having a relationship with him.
I never should have crossed that line.
But I took a chance.
Because I couldn’t get him out of my head.
I couldn’t get him out of my heart.
The thing is, for all the work I did with him, and for all the progress he’s made, he’s still incredibly damaged. Is this really what I want? To be with a man who requires so much?
It’s a question I have to figure out, especially when it becomes clear that Daniel and I want totally different things.

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