React Native in Action

React Native in Action


React Native in Action gives iOS, Android, and web developers the knowledge and confidence they need to begin building high-quality iOS and Android apps using the React Native framework.

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About the Technology

React Native gives mobile and web developers the power of “and.” Write your app once and easily deploy it to iOS and Android and the web. React Native apps compile into platform-specific code, reducing development time, effort, and cost! And because you’re using JavaScript and the React framework, you benefit from a huge ecosystem of tools, expertise, and support.

About the Book

React Native in Action teaches you to build high-quality cross-platform mobile and web apps. In this hands-on guide, you’ll jump right into building a complete app with the help ofclear, easy-to-follow instructions. As you build your skills, you’ll drill down to more-advanced topics like styling, APIs, animations, data architecture, and more! You’ll also learn how to maximize code reuse without sacrificing native platform look-and-feel.

What’s Inside

Building cross-platform mobile and web apps
Routing, Redux, and animations
Cross-network data requests
Storing and retrieving data locally
Managing data and state
About the Reader

Written for beginner-to-intermediate web, Android, and iOS developers.

About the Authors

Nader Dabit is a developer advocate at AWS Mobile, where he works on tools and services to allow developers to build full-stack web and mobile applications using their existing skillset. He is also the founder of React Native Training and the host of the “React Native Radio” podcast.

Table of Contents

PART 1 Getting started with React Native
Chapter 1. Getting Started With React Native
Chapter 2. Understanding React
Chapter 3. Building Your First React Native App

PART 2 Developing applications in React Native
Chapter 1. Introduction To Styling
Chapter 2. Styling In Depth
Chapter 3. Navigation
Chapter 4. Animations
Chapter 5. Using The Redux Data Architecture Library

PART 3 API reference
Chapter 1. Implementing Cross-Platform Apis
Chapter 2. Implementing Ios-Specific Components And Apis
Chapter 3. Implementing Android-Specific Components And Apis

PART 4 Bringing it all together
Chapter 1. Building A Star Wars App Using Cross-Platform Components

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