Omegas exist for one reason: to procreate. Males and females both have the responsibility to provide offspring for the packs they live in. But in the Bayside Omega Pack, few omegas of childbearing age have stayed within the pack. Most of have moved on with their alpha mates and left only the widowed and the barren to take care of the land their ancestors fought to leave for them. The pack has struggled for years and if not for the help of the Wolfe Pack, they would have lost their land.

Angie has a rare condition that makes it unlikely she’ll ever have a child of her own, so when she’s forced to take in her young nephew, she’s happy to do it. He’s the closest thing she’ll have to a child and he makes her happy, despite being half shifter from the Rahound Pack.

But finances are tough, and in order to take care of her family and repay the Wolfes, Angie has to make hard choices. She isn’t proud of them all, but she does what she has to do for her family and her pack.

Omegas don’t have a lot of natural skills, but she was bred to be one thing: sexy.

While shaking her ass on a pole gets the attention of a sexy shifter, she has even more difficult choices to make. Only this time, she doesn’t have the power to fight her instincts.

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