She’s far from normal…
But being raised by a vampire will do that to a girl.
He’s just like us…
Only he claims souls and escorts them to the Underworld.
Lily lives a perfectly normal life: working as a second-grade teacher with a handful of failed dating attempts, and a father who’s recently remarried. Oh, and she has an in-depth knowledge of the supernatural world. That’ll happen when your dad’s a vampire and step-mother’s an angel.
When Evergreen Park calls her in a way that’s far from normal—supernatural even—she fights it, trying to keep her human roots, but its call is driving her nuts.
Armed with willpower of steel, she can’t stay away…even when she finds a dead body next to the swing set.
Aron, the Angel of Death, has been watching Lily from afar. There’s something about her that brings warmth to his heart, but their worlds are too different for anything more than his admiration of this human. When he goes to Evergreen Park to claim a murder victim’s soul, and finds Lily leaning over the dead body, he struggles to keep his distance.
But when Lily looks up at him with her sweet, teary eyes, he can’t help but step into her world and officially introduce himself.
Only Lily knew the soul he came to claim and there is a clear connection between her and the victim…a connection that puts Lily’s life at risk. Even being the Angel of Death, Aron can’t allow this beautiful woman’s perfectly normal life to end.
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