Can an accident lead to love? All signs point to yes. Some accidents tear your world apart, others put your right where you were always meant to be. Armed with a Magic 8 ball and a quirky best friend, Lucy Adams tries to pick up the pieces of her life after a car accident shattered things apart. The trouble is, her life just doesn’t seem to fit back together the way it used to.

Lucy now finds herself with two boys in her life. Alex Alvez, her long-time boyfriend and pro-soccer hopeful, and Jaxon Bradburn, the mysterious new guy on campus who saved her life and has been by her side ever since. Lucy has been dating LA soccer sensation, Alex Alvez, for years. They grew up next door to each other. He was her first kiss, her first love, her first everything. But the trouble is she fears he loves his millions of social media followers more than her.

Jaxon Bradburn showed up out of nowhere. He’s moody, mysterious and the only student that doesn’t live on campus at Lucy’s elite California boarding school. But Jaxon is somehow always there when it counts. He rescues her from her car accident and has been her rock during recovery. Fate keeps throwing Lucy and Jaxon together. Is there a reason? Lucy’s superstitious roommate Brooke certainly thinks so and she has her Magic 8 Ball to back her up. Which boy will Lucy choose? Will she follow her heart or let fate decide. Magic 8 Ball says: Better not tell you now . . .

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