Crown Prince Alek of Aegiria is known for two things: his sense of duty and tradition, and being as drop-dead gorgeous as his brothers. His FIVE younger brothers, whom he leads with a firm hand. They have a tendency to get into trouble, and without him, the whole palace would probably descend into chaos. So when their Queen mother surprises the princes with an announcement which will shake the entire nation, he knows he’s got his work cut out for him.
And then he’s kidnapped.
Toni Dryden, the Crown Prince’s bodyguard and not-quite-willing closest confidante, knows it’s up to her to save the stuck-up prince’s cute butt. After all, surely allowing her employer to be kidnapped is a black mark on her resume! That’s the ONLY reason she’s willing to move heaven and earth to save him though…not because he’s gorgeous, or makes her laugh with his dry sense of humor, or because of the way he kisses…

But it’s going to take teamwork to get out of this mess, and Toni and Alek make a better team than expected. Too bad ex-cowgirl bodyguards are NOT princess material!

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