Savy believes she is a terrible person—murder and kidnapping hardly scream innocence. But what choice did she have? She had vowed to protect her little sister at any cost. Now, after years on the run, Savy believes they have finally escaped. But when her past crashes back into her life, she must decide if they will flee yet again, or stand and fight the Monster that has haunted their steps. Only problem? Defeating her past means trusting the sexy but dangerous outlaw biker who comes with demons of his own.

Diablo—the ruthless President of Havoc Motorcycle Club—is the devil in every sense of the word. And he definitely doesn’t have time for women, preferring the ease of club girls instead. That is until a curly-haired woman with haunted eyes stumbles into his life, awakening both his passion and a deep need to protect her. So when her life is threatened by a man from her past, he is quick to jump to her aid. He has no doubt he can save her, but can he win her heart in the process?

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