I was hired to guard her body.
Instead, I’m making her mine.
The job was simple.
Enhance the Senator’s security.
Neutralize all threats.
Protect his only daughter.
As a former special ops Marine turned private security expert, there’s no mission I can’t handle.
Until I meet her…
The gorgeous, too-sassy-for-her-own-good, spoiled social media princess who sets my blood on fire. One glance at her hot, forbidden body tests the limits of my professionalism and every ounce of my self-control.
Her father trusts me to keep her safe, but after a taste of Ellery’s sweet, innocent curves there’s no way I’m letting her go.
And if the sick creep who’s stalking my beautiful, wild tiger thinks he can take her away from me, he’s about to find out exactly how far I’ll go to protect what’s mine.
Hint: All the f*cking way…

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