A Submissive Lifestyle. A Rebellious Female Wolf. A Fortuitous String of Hope.
Do you believe in destiny? If so, is there a chance to rewrite the future laid out for you? I’ve questioned myself time and again, and I always return to the same answer: Yes.
Born as “unworthy,” I have no hope of moving up the ranks within my vicious pack. Torture is second nature to my flesh, and the mistreatment that comes with my role continues in an endless cycle. Some days are hard, others bring hints of pleasure. Either way, I know this isn’t how I want my life to end.
I have more to offer than simply being an enslaved wolf, but the shackles hold me back. When my last bits of freedom are threatened with extinction, I’m pushed to my limits – revealing I’m far more dangerous than anyone expected.
Shattering the bonds with my pack, I’ve become a Wolf Omega, one who has no ties to anyone.
Being a lone wolf means anyone can be your next challenger, but the Moon has other plans for me, leading me to three alpha men who don’t take shit from anyone. We’re not supposed to get along. Yet, a part of me wants to help them heal their hidden wounds.
My name is Kira Damaris, and I vow to become the first female Omega to find my own pack.
This book deals with Dark Themes and Trigger Topics.

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