“It’s not that I don’t love him. It’s that I feel selfish for loving him.”

Wyatt Worth has been a grieving widower for twelve long years, devoting himself fully to his work and the care of his daughter, Temperance. But when circumstances bring him face to face with the lover he ghosted twelve years ago, Wyatt has to make an important choice: does he make room in his heart for love, or does he commit himself to his loneliness for the rest of his life?

“Even after all this time, I can’t stop the way my heart beats faster for him. But I won’t be anyone’s dirty little secret. Not again.”
Vance Waite was only nineteen when he had an affair with Wyatt after the passing of Wyatt’s wife – but it left a lasting impression. For years he hasn’t allowed himself to move on, Wyatt’s handprint still embedded in his heart. Now that the little girl he dreamed of raising himself is a student in his classroom, there’s no more hiding from what was – but more importantly, Vance has to decide if he can trust in the possibility of what could be.

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